How to shoot winter images

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The winter creates a special mood and has something magical.  Extreme weather can make it sometimes difficult to shoot. But this season can also bring clear air, frost, untouched snow and ice. You don’t need a cold weather to make great photos through the colder months. Whether snow or rain, clear blue sky, or dull; here are some helpful tips that will make your winter images stand out from the crowd.

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How to sell stock photos

In some blogs and forums I often read, how easy and cool it is, to sell your own photos to earn some extra cash and generate passive income. Furthermore, some people write, they quitted their jobs and became a full-time stock image sellers. The idea sounds great and if you like to shoot pictures, why shouldn’t you earn some money with it? But all of these postings sound to good to be true. The fact is, that to sell stock photos is a hard work and you would succeed in it, when you are ready to invest a lot of time. Therefore I would like to share my experience to show you, what you need to do, to sell stock photos successfully.

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Where to storage your luggage in Panama City

When you travel to Panama, you might go to the east coast, for example, to visit one of the San Blas Islands. If you do this, you will know that there is often a limitation regarding to the luggage weight. When we went to Yandup Island (part of the San Blas archipelago), there were only 14 kg free for each person. For every kilo overweight you had to pay about $2 Dollars. Two bucks extra for each kilo doesn’t sound very much. But you would nevertheless carry all your stuff with you and this can be quite annoying. So, the best way to get rid of unnecessary luggage is to find some luggage storage in Panama City. My first thought was to leave our suitcases at the Panama Tocumen Airport. But maybe there were other possibilities…

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Shopping in Panama City

Panama City is known for its malls, so you can do an extensive shopping there. But for me it wasn’t worth it. Before I explain the reasons, lets check some malls and I will show you three of them. But first of all you should know that the prices in Panama are usually displayed excluding VAT. When you are from the United States, it is nothing new for you. But if you are for example from Europe, you need to keep it in mind.

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Travel and Photography in Panama City


things to do in panama city

When I travel, I categorize the places where I go into two categories. The first one is a place where I could go back anytime because it was so exciting. The second category is a place which is exciting too, but to see it once, is quite enough. When I was about to go to Panama City, I was excited and looking forward for a lot of places of interest. But it turned out that this spot is actually not a tourist friendly place because there are not really much things to do in Panama City. For that reason Panama City landed on my “see it once is enough” list. Of course, it is just my opinion and someone other would disagree with that. So read on and make your own opinion. Actually there are only two of nameable tourist attractions in Panama City – the Old Panama, called Casco Viejo and the Metropolitan Natural Park. There are also a botanical garden and a museum. But for me it is not worth to be recommended. More about those two later. First I will tell you something about casco viejo and the park.

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