Where to storage your luggage in Panama City

When you travel to Panama, you might go to the east coast, for example, to visit one of the San Blas Islands. If you do this, you will know that there is often a limitation regarding to the luggage weight. When we went to Yandup Island (part of the San Blas archipelago), there were only 14 kg free for each person. For every kilo overweight you had to pay about $2 Dollars. Two bucks extra for each kilo doesn’t sound very much. But you would nevertheless carry all your stuff with you and this can be quite annoying. So, the best way to get rid of unnecessary luggage is to find some luggage storage in Panama City. My first thought was to leave our suitcases at the Panama Tocumen Airport. But maybe there were other possibilities…

For that reason I searched on the internet for possibilities for luggage storage in Panama City for a couple of days. In a forum I found an information that there is a luggage store facility directly at the airport. But it seems to be difficult to find it because there is no signage.

The other problem was, that we needed to go from Panama City to the airport extra to store our luggage. Which would cost about $30 to $35 dollar just to get there if you would go there by taxi. After our trip, we would need to go there again to pick up the trunks for the same price. So just for the taxi rides you would pay about $60 to $70 dollar plus the storage charges. As you see, a quite uncomfortable and costly situation as well.

Fortunately, we found a good solution for this problem and I would like to share this information with you.

Go to the Hard Rock Hotel to store your luggage directly in Panama City

After our trip to the Yandup Lodge we accommodated in the Hard Rock Hotel. But before we went to Yandup, we called the Hard Rock Hotel and the friendly employee told us, we can storage our luggage for about $5 dollar apiece and per night. So, if you, for example, have two suitcases and stay away for 3 days, you need to pay $30 dollar in total. I don’t know if he would refuse it, if we wouldn’t have booked a room there. But our first hotel did not offer this service at all.

So this is my tip for you. If you are looking for a luggage storage in Panama City, call the Hard Rock Hotel. The storage charge is not more expensive than at the airport and you don’t need to go extra to the airport. Here is the link to the website from the hotel with the contact data: http://www.hrhpanamamegapolis.com*

Have you been in Panama City and could you drop your baggage at another place than at Hard Rock Hotel or at the Tocumen Airport? If so, please leave a comment to share this information with other travellers.

*I do not have any commercial agreements with this company and do not receive any benefits by mentioning it on this blog.


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